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Retractions Australia is an online resource dedicated to highlighting data regarding scientific retractions - the removal of published research papers from scientific journals.

This is presented via the Retractions Australia Explorer, which is an interactive tool that allows you to visualise and investigate retracted papers from Australian and New Zealander researchers and collaborators.

Retractions Australia uses data from Retraction Watch, a website founded in 2010 by science journalists Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus.

Retraction Watch has since become a widely recognised resource for tracking and analysing retractions in the scientific community.

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Our Sources

Data used on Retractions Australia is used under license and is sourced with permission from the Retraction Watch Database.
The Retraction Watch Database is a product of the Center for Scientific Integrity.

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Research Integrity, and why it matters

There is a growing recognition that reproducibility of scientific results is not as robust as previously accepted. This has wide implications for all forms of research, but especially health and medical research.

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